“I feel deeply honoured to be part of St. George International School & Preschool’s family at such an exciting and dynamic stage of its development.

In the course of my first visit to the school in the spring I had the opportunity to join a number of student activities, as well as to personally meet and interact with some of the children. The first thing that impressed me was their spontaneity, openness and communication skills. The school ambience and the immense enthusiasm invested in the preparation of the end-year celebrations left me with a sense of unity, profound affection and cohesion between teachers and students.

This is invariably a wonderful foundation for achieving high academic performance and development.

I believe that learning should not be limited to the memorization of information, but instead to charge our students with a sense of curiosity and passion for the discovery of new knowledge.

 St. George International School & Preschool provides high quality lessons for our students which encourages them not only to learn the required course material, but also to discover a love for learning, for learnings sake. This philosophy forms one of the core values of our teaching staff who will be provided with continuing on-job training and development, both in-house, and through Cambridge International Education’s CPD courses, participation in training events, workshops and conferences. 

My focus for the upcoming years is to concentrate on planning, implementing and teaching a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in core subjects, such as English, Bulgarian, Math, Science and Technologies, which will enable our students to have a wide range of options open to them.

Strict standards for lesson planning and monitoring are being introduced which will ensure that lessons are tailored to suit students of different abilities, and consist of a variety of activities that aim to both motivate and inspire. This will form part of the school’s comprehensive performance management system.

As of September 2016, St. George International School & Preschool has started working with the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University throughout the year to provide comprehensive baseline testing for all our students. This system is accredited by the UK Department for Education and currently sees use in 48 different countries around the world. This will provide an overall assessment of the level of all students and a comprehensive learners profile for our students which will inform Teaching and Learning, enabling our teachers to direct learning on a holistic basis and to identify the strengths of each student and the appropriate support (if needed), as well as providing you, the parent, with a means of monitoring your child’s progress during their time at our school.

Alongside a world class academic programme, St. George International School & Preschool recognises the need for strong pastoral support which enables our students to feel safe, happy and secure, alongside high expectations for behaviour.

I believe that education should not simply be about learning facts and figures and passing exams, students should be given the opportunity to assume leadership roles, to work collaboratively and to take controlled risks. The role of our prefects and student council will be expanded to allow students the opportunity to assume positions of responsibility and develop their leadership and planning skills.

In future years we plan to offer International A-Level courses alongside Bulgarian courses. A comprehensive careers advice and university placement service will be in place which seeks to guide students towards their chosen career paths. It is my sincere wish to see our students graduate from school, and enter the universities of their choosing and firmly establish St. George International School & Preschool  as an academic institution which allows students to achieve their dreams.

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