The procedure aims to regulate the order and the manner of accepting and registering complaints/signals, conducting an inspection, finding out whether there are violations of the legislation and of the School Regulation Plan, taking measures in the case of proving the existence of such and responding to the person who has submitted the complaint or the signal. The current procedure regulates the responsibilities of Saint George School and Preschool employees who are in charge of accepting, registering and checking a submitted complaint, and responding to the person who has submitted the complaint or the signal.


The current procedure covers complaints and signal for violation of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, of the Charter of Human Rights and of Saint George School and Preschool Regulation Plan, submitted to the school according to the provisions of art. 29 of the Administrative Procedure Code.


Legislation in place:

  • Law for Preschool and School Education
  • Child Protection Law
  • Administrative Procedure Code
  • Law for Access to Public Information
  • Law for Protection of Personal Data
  • Order of the Council of Minister for the Administrative Service
  • School Regulation Plan


  • Head of stage
  • Deputy principals
  • Principal
  • Committee for signals and complaints
  • CEO of the company


I. Submission:

1. The complaints and the signals may be submitted:

  • Verbally
  • At St. George School
  • Via e-mail
  • Via telephone
  • Via mail

2. To submit a complaint St. George School and Preschool parents need to contact the reception desk at +359 2 4144 414 and mobile + 359 885 689, 971, within the working hours, and at the e-mail address provided on St. George School webpage Anonymous signals shall not be checked.

3. The reception desk officer immediately directs the signal to the respective official and if the signal has been received via e-mail during non-working days, the reception desk officer directs the signal on the first working day after the signal has been received.

4. If the signal is about a violation, which necessitates urgent and/or immediate actions, the reception desk officer who has accepted the signal reports verbally to the Head of Stage and/or to the respective Deputy principal and puts the signal in writing afterwards.

II. Registering and directing written complaints and signals.

1. All complaints and signal received at the school are subject to registration:

  • Complaints and registrations submitted verbally;
  • Complaints and signals submitted in writing;

2. The signals or complaints are submitted to the following persons in charge:

  • Head of Stage;
  • In case of circumstances demanding taking a decision at the next management level – to the respective Deputy Principal;
  • In case of circumstances demanding taking a decision at a higher school management level, the Principal himself carries out the control on the inspection, and if needed, refers, the result from the inspection to the CEO of the company;
  • In case of circumstances demanding taking a decision at the highest school management level, the Committee for signals and complaints;
  • In case of a decision unsatisfactory for the complainant by the Committee for signals and complaints, the complainant refers to the CEO of the company;

3. Resubmitted signals and complaints on an issue which has already been resolved shall not be reviewed, unless they refer to the execution of the resolution or if they are based on new facts or circumstances. The signal and the complaints which are not reviewed are returned to the complainant with the reasons stated.

III. Inspection on a registered complaint.

1. The inspection on a submitted complaint/signal should be carried out within the shortest term possible but no later than 7 /seven/ working days after the registration.

2. The inspection is carried out according to the requirements of the regulatory framework and of St. George International School Regulation Plan. The findings protocol on the inspection should obligatory contain the following information about what has been found regarding the complaint/signal circumstances and if needed legally motivated recommendations for eliminating the violations made.

3. Inspections shall not be carried out in a conflict situation or in case there is pressure applied by any of the parties. St. George School Applies the International Staff Code of Conduct and encourages the atmosphere of mutual understanding and support among the school community.

IV. Response to registered complaints and signals.

1. Within 3 /three/ days after the inspection on the registered complaint/signal is carried out, the manager who has carried out the inspection prepares a response to the complainant. The response should be coordinated with the line manager who has assigned the task for carrying out the inspection.

2. The response should contain information about:

  • when the inspection has been carried out;
  • what is found out during the inspection;
  • is the complaint/signal legitimate;
  • what recommendations have been made if a violation is found out;
  • have an administrative punishment been enforced;

3. The Principal, the complaints committee or the CEO respectively, approves and signs the responses to the written complaints and signals.

4. The response is sent to the complainant(s) on the next day after the response is signed but no later than the legally defined term.

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