We guide and support the child in their growth as a successful person through the development of their skills, talents and unique qualities.

St. George International School & Preschool is an educational organization which ensures a creative and supportive environment for children from 2 to 19 years of age. The school develops personalities with strong general knowledge, who display awareness of and demonstrate core universal values, who are well-oriented and engaged in a dynamic modern world, who also demonstrate responsible and active citizenship behaviours.


St. George International School & Preschool combines the best modules of both the Bulgarian and British educational systems, aiming to provide a highly competitive education to its students. Learning is not presented only by using formal educational methods, students are being stimulated to explore their sense of curiosity and excitement when discovering new information, as well as for this information to stay in their minds long after completing their studies.


Along with a strong academic programme, St. George International School and Preschool provides its students with the opportunity to gain confidence and experience when taking responsibility, to expand their view of the world and social skills, to put everything learned into practice and educate themselves, to have an understanding of the immutable human values, to keep their national identity and to be able to adapt and progress in Bulgaria, and rest of the global world as well.


Our main focus is the child (the student). Every idea is being considered in the light of this value. The interests of other participants in the educational process – pastoral and non-pastoral personnel, partners and others  - are subordinate to the main goal - to ensure equal access and quality education to our children and students, oriented toward the motivation of the student for the social changes in their lives that will occur, as well as the ability to apply everything learned into real life.


The values of the School are shared by three parties in the academic process – students, parents, teachers and non-pastoral staff.


It means to speak the truth in front of ourselves and others;


It means keeping all promises and performing our duties; to protect other people physically and mentally; to understand the consequences when one is engaged with commitment.


It means to follow the established roles and regulations; to respect the privacy and property of others, their feelings and desires; It means listening to each other, accepting other people’s differences.


It means to participate actively in school life, to make proposals; to share ideas, to take actions, considering their effect on others.


It means helping each other, to land a hand when someone is in need; to make good friends and feel useful.


It means sharing with others - what we think, how we feel, what we want - in order to be easily understood.


It means to accept people as they are, to understand differences, to accept that other people think, act and feel differently.

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