Since the beginning of 2016, the School has moved to a new site in the city center of Sofia.

The total built-up area is 24,385 square meters for a capacity of 650 students in the school, and 130 children in the kindergarten. The design meets all requirements as per applicable norms in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, and specific ones for schools offering all courses and qualifications for theoretical and practical training in accordance with the standards of Cambridge International Examinations.

Infrastructure and equipment is provided which meets the contemporary requirements for effective learning and arts and sports for students aged between 2 and 19 years of age.

The access and safety of children is controlled by an up-to-date system for access control and video surveillance. We have all the facilities and systems expected for a modern school, including interactive whiteboards, BMS systems, clock systems, sound systems, an innovative system of heating and ventilation, and others. The materials and technology used, ensure the safety, comfort and uncompromising hygiene. Water is provided from two sources – a mineral water filtration system and drinking fountains.

A special geothermal system was designed and implemented, which ensures high energy independence with care for the environment and provides for an exclusive habitable environment. By ensuring a constant flow of fresh air, and discharging the impure air from the habitable premises respectively, the system ensures low dust levels, minimal risks of respiratory disorders and presents the opportunity to the students and the children to be always fresh and concentrated during the learning process and during sports activities.

The implementation and maintenance are performed by the team of Re Energy.


  • Classrooms - 87 classrooms with sizes ranging from 40 to 94 square meters, including specialized classrooms in Nature Studies, Humanities, Bulgarian, English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, IT, Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts, Design and Technology, Journalism and many others.
  • Libraries – with area of 370 square meters and 82 square meters, two separate libraries for the School and for the Kindergarten.
  • Teacher’s room – 7 teacher meeting rooms.
  • Relaxation areas – appropriate for our students age.
  • Bookshop and uniform shop
  • Medical rooms – one clinic for the School and one for the Kindergarten, a dental office, Psychologist and Speech Therapist.
  • Indoor playground in the Kindergarten
  • Central foyer with an area of 400 square meters
  • Multifunctional hall for performing arts and projections seated for 250, make-up and dressing-rooms etc.
  • Event area with an area of 827 square meters.
  • Canteen – one for the School and one for the Kindergarten.
  • Own kitchen.
  • Individual lockers for each child and each teacher.


  • Swimming pool for students in size 25 х 12.50 meters.
  • Swimming pool for children from the Kindergarten in size 6.60 x 5.50 meters.
  • School gym with an area of 1025 square meters.
  • Kindergarten gym with an area of 97 square meters.
  • Athletics running track.
  • Dance and gymnastics hall, table tennis, martial arts, fitness.
  • Relax zone, sauna, massages.
  • Locker rooms.
  • Indoor sport fields.
  • Separate outdoor playgrounds for children of different ages.

The school building, the kindergarten and the sport complex are connected and at the same time they function independently, each of them having separate entrance.

The first stage of the Complex construction has been finished and the school facility is fully operational. The completion and putting in operation of the sport sector and the kindergarten is expected to be implemented by the beginning of 2017/2018 academic year.


The total value of the project amounts to BGN 34,814,148 (Approximately 18,000,000 EUR).

The owner’s equity is at the amount of BGN 17,211,678. The remaining amount of BGN 17 602 470 represents JESSICA Initiative debt financing.

BGN 8,801,235 (50%) is provided by The Fund For Sustainable Urban Development of Sofia and the remaining BGN 8,801,235 (50%) is provided by The Regional Development “Operational Programme 2007-2013” as follows:

  • European Regional Development Fund – BGN 7 481 049, 75.
  • National budget of the Republic of Bulgaria – BGN 1 320 185, 25.
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