Annual fees for new enrolled students for the 2017/2018 academic year

Stage of education/GradeAdmission feeDepositANNUAL FEE
1 installment2 installments3 installments10
12 installments
Kindergarten* N/A€ 600€ 6 840N/AN/AN/AN/A12x 600 €
PG - 1 € 500€ 1 000€ 7 8902x 4063 €3x 2840 €1x 1736 €9x 771 €N/A
2 - 3 € 500€ 1 000€ 8 1002x 4172 €3x 2916 €1x 1782 €9x 792 €N/A
4 - 7 € 500€ 1 000€ 8 5002x 4378 €3x 3060 €1x 1870 €9x 831 €N/A
8 - 12 € 500€ 1 000€ 5 9002x 3039 €3x 2124 €1x 1298 €9x 577 €N/A

* The annual fee for the Kindergarten includes food.

** The annual fee will increase at a fixed rate of 2,5% per academic year.

1. Admission fee

The Admission fee is a one-off payment and it is not subject to reimbursement. It is due when applying to St. George International School & Preschool. The fee covers expenses for examination documents, entry examination and the subsequent administrative service.

2. Deposit

The deposit is a lump-sum that has to be paid when signing the contract. It serves as a guarantee for keeping the place of the child, and may serve as a compensation for damages caused by the child to the facilities used for the tuition process or delays in payment. It is a subject to reimbursement after the completion of tuition.

3. Annual fee

Annual fee covers:

  • Teaching process in accordance with the Bulgarian National Standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria, Cambridge Primary School for Primary Education and Cambridge International School for Secondary Education until 15:30 h;
  • Textbooks and pack of notebooks, organizer, school materials;
  • Speech status of the child up to grade 4– performed twice a year;
  • Annual accident insurance;
  • Educational visits to cultural and historical places of interest in the city of Sofia, museums, theaters, etc.

Additional expenses: :

  • Creative clubs and sports after 15:30 h;
  • Self-preparation after 15:30 h;
  • Food;
  • School uniform;
  • Transport;
  • School trips (“green” and “white school”);
  • Excursions outside the city of Sofia;
  • Examination fees for:

      - Cambridge Primary Statement of Achievement - 10/11 years of age;

      - Cambridge Secondary Statement of Achievement - 13/14 years of age;

      - International General Certificate of Secondary Education Cambridge (IGCSE) – 16 years of age;

      - International Advanced Level Certificate (А-level) – 18/19 years of age.

4. Annual fee discount

A 5% discount of the annual fee is provided upon enrollment of a second child from one family; a 10% discount – for each subsequent child from the family.

5. Food

The food fee is calucated and paid separately from the annual fee.

The students have four meals per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch with a choice of 4 dishes /salad, soup, main dish, and dessert - the children can choose from several kinds of each dish/ and afternoon snack.

The consumed food is registered at the cash-desk in the canteen using the personal identification carrier (bracelet) of each student.

The fee is formed based on the number of school days and is paid in one (annual) or two installments (prior to the beginning of each term). At the end of the academic year, a recalculation is performed to equalize the paid and the consumed food by the student.

6. Transport

The transport fee is calucated and paid separately from the annual fee.

The transport fee should be paid in 1 /one/, 2 /two/ installments or deferred payment, according to the method of payment used, and the first installment has to be paid by September 10th for the respective academic year.

Discount of transport fee is provided in the following cases, without accumulation:

  1. One-off payment of the entire transport fee until the 10th of August - 5%;
  2. For second and each subsequent child from the same family in the same route - 25%;
  3. Route up to 3 / three / km from school - 25%;
  4. One-way transport - 25%.

GradeTransport fees for the 2017/2018 academic year
One-way*Two-way up to 3km.*Two-way more than 3 km.
PG - 4€ 937€ 937€ 1 249
5 -8€ 1 001€ 1 001€ 1 335
9 -12€ 1 059€ 1 059€ 1 412

*The prices include a discount of 25%

7. Signing the contract

The contract has to be signed after received confirmation for admission of the applicant. The contract for the next academic year is subject to annual re-signing until May 31st of the current academic year.