All students who will be in Preparatory grade or grade 1, grade 5 or grade 8, during the next academic year, shall sit entry examinations.

According to the grade, they are applying for, the students sit the following exams:

For Preparatory grade and Grade 1:

  • School readiness test, test in English – carried out in the School in accordance with the Examination Calendar;

For Grade 2:

  • Test in Bulgarian Language and a combined test in English;

For Grade 3 and Grade 4:

  • Test in Bulgarian Language and Literature, a combined test in Science and a combined test in English

For Grade 5 to Grade 10:

  • Tests in Bulgarian Language and Literature, essay, a combined test in Science and a combined test in English;


Dates for conducting entry examinations for the 2017/2018 academic year for external students:

February 2018 / March 2018

*The exact dates are yet to be determined

The entry examination starts at 8:00 h and ends at 14:30 h. Students have breakfast, snack at 10:00 h and lunch. It is required that the applicant wears indoor shoes.


Conditions of admission to the exam:

  1. Submitted and approved Application Form at least 10 days prior to the preferred examination date;
  2. Registration at the Examination Calendar – after receiving an email stating that the application is considered successful, the applicants receive a link to the Examination Calendar, where they have to register and choose the preferred examination date;
  3. Admission fee payment.

* All of the students enrolled in the current academic year at St. George International School & Preschool are not charged with an Admission fee.



Within 14 days of conducting the examination, the parents will receive the results via email.