All students who will be in Preparatory grade or grade 1, grade 5 or grade 8, during the next academic year, shall sit entry examinations.

According to the grade, they are applying for, the students sit the following exams:

  • For Preparatory grade – Grade 1: School readiness test, combined test in English;
  • For Grade 5 - Grade 8: a test in Bulgarian Language and Literature, an essay, a combined test in Science and a combined test in English.

Conditions of admission to the exam:

  • Submitted and approved Application Form at least 5 days prior to the preferred examination date;
  • Copy of a document for а completed grade or academic reference (for children above 1st grade);
  • Received recommendations;
  • Admission fee payment.


Parents receive the results from the admission exams via email within 7 days after the exams took place. We offer the opportunity to get acquainted with the exam worksheets of the children on place in the school by scheduling an appointment in advance.

Approved applicants will be invited to an individual meeting with the management of the school.


Parents receive a statement for admission within 7 days after the individual meeting with the management took place. The enrollment should be made within 3 days after the statement is received by completing an Enrollment application. With the Enrollment application the parents enter the procedure for signing the tuition contract.

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