St. George International School & Preschool awards 7 scholarships to students from Grade 9 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Scholarship covers 90% of the Tuition fee, which is in the amount of 5900 EUR per academic year and includes expenses for student’s book, school materials, sport and art activities within the school day.

Successful applicants will receive scholarship for the period of education - from Grade 9 up to Grade 12.

The scholarship does not cover expenses for food, transport and uniform.


  1. Submission of required documentation;
  2. Payment of Admission Fee at the amount of 250 EUR;
  3. Pre-selection based on submitted documents;
  4. The selected applicants sit a written examination in:
    • Mathematics;
    • Bulgarian Language and Literature;
    • English;
    • Science.
  5. Interview - performed with students, who have passed the examination successfully.

* The application of candidates who have been awarded in National or International competitions in the respective subject prevails.


The student must have GPA of at least 5.00 in each subject for the period of the scholarship. In case the student fails to achieve it, the School provides the chance to the student to improve the GPA during the next term.

In case the student fails to improve the GPA and maintain high level of knowledge and performance during the given period of time for results improvement, the student loses the entitlement to scholarship.

The student must observe strictly the Behaviour Policy of the School and be ethical in his relationships with peers, teachers and staff during the period of scholarship.

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