NEWS 2017 / 2018


In today's smiley day, which is a reminder to us about the upcoming spring, our III and IV grade students were immersed in the exciting adventure called Aviation School...Read more


With care for our student’s eyesight and in partnership with JOY Optics, GRAND OPTICS, Kids optics at St. George International School & Preschool we had a prophylactic EYE SCREENING...Read more


The day is 3rd of March, 140 years after that memorable day of Liberation...Read more


A day that marked the start of the adventure of the regional round of the contest in Barcelona for 6 of St. George International School’s teams!...Read more


Today was the first day of the internatioanl competition "The World Scholar’s Cup"...Read more


Debate, writing, and other team learning opportunities...We are writing to invite you and your students to join us at our Sofia Round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Sofia?...Read more


Do you wonder how the Northern Lights appear and when will they appear next? Are you interested in the life and traditions of the Eskimos? Are you curios to know what kinds of animals lived on the planet during the ice age?...Read more


In the last school day for 2017 the students from St. Gеorge International School & Preschool finished their classes accompanied by tipical for Bulgarian Christmas folklore songs and dances...Read more


Thank you for being together with us for another year at our traditional Christmas Charity Bazaar and Concert 2017 and for taking another step towards a better world ...Read more


Our girls football team - grades 2-4, won the first place in the second final stage ...Read more


Welcome to our traditional Charity Christmas Bazaar and Concert, which will take place on 16.12.2017 (Saturday) from 11.00 until 15.00...Read more


Today, the St. George’s team that returned from the World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions, Yale, was officially welcomed by both students and teachers...Read more


The adventure Tournament of Champions, 2017 of the World Scholar’s Cup, which took place in Yale, finished really successful for our team with total of 2 golden and 3 silver medals!... Read more

Day five – the adventure continues... Read more


Opening ceremony and first wins of our team at the World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions, Yale... Read more


Day two: Exciting trip to New York as a preparation for the finals... Read more


Day one for our debates team of the big adventure, called World Scholar's Cup - Tournament of Champions, Yale University 2017. Today... Read more


Minutes before the beginning of the dreamed autumn holiday, on the occasion of the Day of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival, our guest was the modern Bulgarian writer - Liudmila Filipova... Read more"


Education & fun at St. George Preschool on the Halloween day!... Read more"


Today, Members of the European Parliament from the Commission for Regional Development made an official visit to St. George International School & Preschool and Educational-Sports Complex Lozenets EAD as an example for ... Read more"


Yesterday was a happy Halloween, full with laughter, smiles and, of course, treats ... Read more"


The newly formed football team of St. George International School, girls, 2-4 grades, participated for the first time in Grassroot City Football Championship... Read more


Our students from 5th grade participated in the Tech4Kids International Festival, the first-ever large-scale forum for children with interests in the technology world... Read more


After summer of happiness and memories, St. George International School & Preschool celebrated its first school day... Read more


The students from V-IX grades gladly shared their unforgettable adventures during our traditional green school at the beginning of each school year... Read more


The third day of the Green school for our students from II, III and IV grades passed by in the coolness and freshness of the majestic Rhodope Mountains... See more.


During the second day of the Green School the students from II, III and IV grades travelled through the Rose Valley of Bulgaria... Read more


The first day of the Green School for the students from II, III and IV grades passed smoothly in the “Bormaliiski” bee farm... Read more

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