Children learn about the world around them through play. Every day they act – in the beginning just as imitators of the adult world and later on they experiment with different models of behavior combined with their experience. The question “Who am I?” provokes children to take part in all sorts of imitation games where they can play their favorite heroes and also recreate their dreams and fears. In the theater courses, the children learn how to do that - how to act, develop a story, create a story character. During classes, the children learn the basics of acting, gestures and body language, shadow theater and object theatre. The programme includes various techniques and role plays which help the children understand and gain knowledge about the opulence of possibilities in the theatrical language, build skills for creating own stories, puppets, and theatre sets and costumes. During classes, the children also realize their creative ideas, learn to work together in a group, respect others, as at the same time freely declare themselves and develop a feeling for beauty and goodness, which is a sound basis for the development of their personality.
Place: the building of St. George International School & Preschool
Duration: 60 minutes, twice e a week
60 minutes


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