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„The wonder kid“ is a training for children from 3 to 7 years

The physical and intellectual development of children goes hand in hand. The sport drives children's endless energy in the right direction and builds up valuable qualities such as discipline, responsibility, confidence and stubbornness.

The functional workouts for children include:

  • Exercises for stabilization and correction of the lower and upper limbs;
  • Corrective and stabilizing exercises for the pelvis and spine;
  • Corrective and stabilizing exercises - flattening;
  • Developing physical qualities - agility and flexibility;
  • Basic coordination, balance, strength and speed exercises;
  • Different games and creative tasks to help children learn to move well, think and improve their skills through basic exercises that develop their physical qualities;
  • Games that develop the speed of reaction;
  • Games to build a sense of ball;
  • Exercise for agility on a ladder;
  • Elements of various team games (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis);
  • „Month of Sport "- each month will be dedicated to a different sport that children will meet and learn at the end of each workout;
  • A lot of fun because this is the main idea of sport!

The goal of the trainings is to help children to develop their motor skills. This is important because the body first adopts rough movements such as the control of the arms and legs and only then moves to the isolated movements. Rough motoring begins to develop even after birth and continues its rapid development to 6-7 years of age.

The children will receive basic sports training and culture to have the confidence that they can handle different exercises.

Place: the building of St. George International School & Preschool
Duration: 45 minutes, twice a week
45 minutes


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